I got the following in a weekly newsletter from Colleen-Joy Page, a spiritual teacher in South Africa:

Here are 8 tips for writing inner poetry:

1. Just get it down, don’t edit until you are done.
2. Write the worst poem you can manage until you get over self imposed expectations.
3. Imagery and symbols allows much more to be said than a flat word.
4. Develop your own unique voice and style, don’t try to imitate.
5. Try writing from the position of someone you don’t agree with to stretch your creativity.
6. Keep a notepad and pen with you to grab ideas from the ethers and get them down before they disappear.
7. Dreams are great sources for ideas and inspirations.
8. Write about topics you feel a great deal about.



Comments (3)

  1. tracy

    those are good!

  2. LadyCelt357

    what is inner poetry?

  3. mordewis

    @LadyCelt357 – It is where you are expressing your inner feelings, not trying to impress others with your words.


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