I’m an idiot.

No, that’s not news.  But among my idiocies is my love for Linux… and my inability to get it installed on my new computer.  There is a hardware/software conspiracy from HP on my computer that will let me install Linux but then wipes the MBR (Master Boot Record, where the bootloader is installed) and requires me to run the Restore disks… I can get my Windows back to the way it was after a few hours of work and hair-pulling… but while Linux is indeed installed, I can’t boot to it, so it’s just sitting there useless.

Well, I got another idea from a Linux user, to wipe my System Restore partition and try again.  Lo and behold, Windows will not boot without that.  And while I *could* have saved my files then, I trusted the Restore disks not to wipe them…. and was wrong.

So now I’m without all my document files, which includes all the AHN files as well as other business and personal documents, my pictures, my music (I had over 6 days’ worth, played end to end with no repeats)…  I can get some of this back, the way I did previously — i.e., if I emailed it to someone, it’s in my Sent folder, and if I received it by email, it’s in one of my folders.  Good thing I virtually always use Yahoo and Gmail, so these files are saved on their servers rather than my hard drive.

Waaah waaah waaah.  I did it to myself, thinking I knew more than I did and making one or two too many assumptions along the way.  I’m currently restoring the new computer and typing on my old one.  I’d be going crazy without at least that one to work on.


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  1. absurditee

    And that’s exactly why I’m too afraid to install Linux on my computer. I know it’s supposed to be easier than it used to be, but it’s still a bitch, from what people tell me. Good luck with it all!

  2. mordewis

    @absurditee – Well, it hasn’t been hard on my other computers… just load the disk and follow the directions. But HP has a thing against Linux in a big way. There is one person on the Ubuntu Forums who has used this model computer for Linux, but did not try dual-boot, he’s only running Ubuntu Linux on it. He says it runs fine.Moss

  3. absurditee

    @mordewis – Well, I have an HP too, which I’m scared to screw up by attempting an install. I got a copy of Ubuntu not that long ago, but just have it sitting in its CD case (it came with a book), so I don’t know…. HP, eh? Hmmm.

  4. mordewis

    @absurditee – Don’t know which model you have (Mine’s a Pavilion a1020n)… I think it’s only the models with SATA hard drives which include this “feature”… anyhow, your best bet to try Linux is to buy someone else’s old computer.. I have an older eMachines T2742 that ran like a champ… Celeron near-equivalent of P4, 1.2 GHz… I bought it used for $200 nearly 2 years ago, so you should be able to do lots better now.Hugs,Moss

  5. LadyCelt357


  6. Moonlit_Lass

    Oh Moss, I’m so sorry! I’d be feeling so lost……………although your opening line did have me laughing and I needed that, so thank you!

  7. mordewis

    @Moonlit_Lass – Good to hear from you, ML… Hope the CTScan and all come out great. I’ve mostly recovered… haven’t begun to recover my documents, but a lot of them got emailed out over the years and I have the sent messages with attachments… also some got sent TO me, and I have them… a lot of work to do. I’ve recovered most of my website files (Seagull Free FTP is great) and I think I have all the programs I use restored.Always thinking of you. Happy St. Patty’s Day!Hugs,Me


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