Well, things are winnowing themselves down for me again.  I find myself with more work to do, some of it paying real money… and the romantic side of my life is almost back to zero.  A person I love very dearly and regret the mistakes of our past relationship (over a decade ago) has gotten depressed and is cutting all ties with everyone including me.  I haven’t heard from Lyllyth since she went to New Brunswick, she did say she was coming down here for an extended visit but I don’t know if or when…  so I guess I’m back to me, unless that situation changes.  All for the best — if I’m taking care of myself, I can take care of my debt… one piece of which I go to court over a week from tomorrow.  Guess I really have too much to do anyhow.


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  1. Moonlit_Lass

    Good luck in court!
    Could be that the Goddess is getting ready to move someone new into your life as well! Keep us posted! 🙂

  2. LadyCelt357



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