Horton Hears A WHAT???

I sit and cringe at what I see
They’re selling movies on TV

Producers do to Dr. Seuss
What they would not to Mother Goose

They strip a story of its rhyme
The change the plot, they change the time

And think that they have done so well
But I cannot ignore the smell

Reviews are just one single word
A sentence, whole, is never heard.

I will not watch it in a seat
I will not watch it on my feet

I will not watch it with Jim Carrey
(I would not, even with Dave Barry)

I will not watch it on a screen
In my house it will not be seen

If this is what they do to Ted,
I wish they would just leave him dead.

– Moss Bliss, 3/21/08

Comments (3)

  1. Moonlit_Lass

    OMG, that’s too cute!! 

  2. LadyCelt357

    Have they made mother goose into film? I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens.

  3. mordewis

    @LadyCelt357 – They have stolen from Mother Goose as well as any other, but they don’t sell the product as being hers (as they do for Ted Geisel’s stuff). Which is my point — they don’t mind embarassing Ted, but they cleverly disguise any theft from Mother Goose.Hugs,Moss


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