Monthly Archive: April 2008

I’ve been working pretty hard, for me, on the new job.  Not even sure what I’m doing half the time.

I finally got a way to install Linux on my machine.  I used WUBI (Windows UBuntu Installer) to install Ubuntu Linux, a flavor of Debian.  Well, first I installed the KDE4 version, but found out how much KDE 4 is not ready for prime time… after much consultation on the Ubuntu Forum, I decided to just go with Gnome and get “regular” Ubuntu.  It runs great, and I not only lost no data but have total access to my Windows data, which I didn’t have on my previous installation (on my old machine).  This was the easiest, simplest installation I’ve done.  Warning: Do not do this if you have dialup access… the download takes hours at 1.5 Mbps (my DSL speed).  But you can purchase a disk of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron (usually only $5, the cost of copying the disk) and it includes WUBI, so you can run it from there.  I’ve had to add a couple programs (can’t live without NetHack and PySol), and the installation was a total breeze.

Anyhow, gotta get some more work done.

Administrative Editor for Eternal Press –
President, Asheville Homeless Network –

Jilted at the Altar

“Hi, Moss,
I thought the ritual was just lovely.  However the time frame you
suggested was not appropriate for my intended and other guests.  We’ve
set the time at 1:30 on Thursday, and I’ve chosen another officiate to
do the honors.  Thank you so much for your time.  Am sorry we had such
short notice and could not use your services due to the time issues.

Note that the word should be “officiant”, but then, hey, I’m an editor…


Deity moves in odd directions, or something like that.  I just got a call from an old friend, who said that a mutual friend was in a hurry to get married to the man she has been with for 12 years… don’t know why the rush, but I’ve been hired as the minister (tentatively).

Gotta go dig up an appropriate ritual…


New Job

I just got offered a position with Eternal Press as Administrative Editor.  I have no idea what I’m in for, but apparently the staff numbers in excess of 20 and authors in excess of 60.  They all sound happy, so the job must pay…  I know what I’m getting paid, but only on the basis of percentage, and I have no idea what that is a percentage OF.  However, whatever I’m being paid, it will be in good Canadian dollars, not these flimsy American ones, LOL.

The best way I can describe Eternal Press right now (probably can do better later, after I have my feet wet) is that they mostly publish romance novels (mostly eBooks, but some Trade Paperbacks) — with many of their titles having the “heat” cranked up a few notches (or a lot of notches).

For more information visit the Eternal Press website.


Icing a rumor…

Apparently an ex-gf is running around town telling people that I stole $10,000 from Asheville Homeless Network to pay my debts.  While I would love to have $10,000 to do that with, it ain’t so.  See the Asheville Homeless Network blog for a full disclosure of this issue.  The funny thing is that $6,000 of my debt is directly attributable to her… talk about stealing from someone…  I have spent a few hours downtown checking to make sure that none of the local homeless people believed it, and I’m good.


Got a long time between seeing my podiatrist at 2 and going to the Pagan Meetup at 7.  The podiatrist said that some scar tissue has developed in the wound, and ordered physical therapy for me.  I have an appointment sometime in May to start that.


Guess that’s it for now.




I’m getting ready to go to the AHN meeting, taking my non-roommate with me so we can get him a bus pass and I’m taking him to CiCi’s afterward.  (Read about the AHN meeting on Asheville Homeless’ blog).

BTW, the beard is back, and looking pretty good.  Several of my friends told me they just didn’t think I was “ME” without it.

I have all my music CDs ripped to the computer again, and have been out trying to replace what I lost.  I also lost my dream notebook, but found several dreams I posted to various groups or my blog here at Xanga and have restored a (small) percentage of that.  I have a file I sent to Beth and James of all the music I had on my computer about 2 weeks before the crash, so now I have to go through that and compare it to what I have now.  THAT will be a headache in and of itself.

I still have not gotten anyone who wants to help with MadPride Day.  I have set the date for the second Saturday in July, and hope someone shows up… I should also get a permit from the City soon.  If anyone reading this wants to help, let me know.