I’m getting ready to go to the AHN meeting, taking my non-roommate with me so we can get him a bus pass and I’m taking him to CiCi’s afterward.  (Read about the AHN meeting on Asheville Homeless’ blog).

BTW, the beard is back, and looking pretty good.  Several of my friends told me they just didn’t think I was “ME” without it.

I have all my music CDs ripped to the computer again, and have been out trying to replace what I lost.  I also lost my dream notebook, but found several dreams I posted to various groups or my blog here at Xanga and have restored a (small) percentage of that.  I have a file I sent to Beth and James of all the music I had on my computer about 2 weeks before the crash, so now I have to go through that and compare it to what I have now.  THAT will be a headache in and of itself.

I still have not gotten anyone who wants to help with MadPride Day.  I have set the date for the second Saturday in July, and hope someone shows up… I should also get a permit from the City soon.  If anyone reading this wants to help, let me know.


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  1. Moonlit_Lass

    Wishing you an awesome weekend!


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