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I’m finding that I’m reacting more like I’ve been teaching, which is a really good thing.

I have long said that there are three levels of knowledge:  knowing something in your head, knowing it in your heart, and feeling it in your bones.  Steps 1 and 2 may happen out of order, but step 3 either is ingrown or takes a lot of work.

I’m making some lifestyle changes.  This means reading more, reading light stuff less, spending lots less time on the computer, and changing my eating habits.  Since I seem to have found a Unified Field Theory in this, the changes fit my philosophy/beliefs and are therefore easier to implement and carry through.  I am practicing being more mindful about the things I do, and evaluating things as much as possible on a moment-by-moment basis to see if they pass the “smell test”.  Somewhere in here I will probably start doing more — and more directed — meditation and study.  Better sooner than later, but I don’t know how right now, maybe it will become clear soon.

If it is harder to get hold of me online, well, ya’ll have my phone number, and if you do enough research you can find both home and cell numbers somewhere on the Net.

If you feel like asking what or why I am doing, ask away.  I’m not doing anything I haven’t been teaching for years, just found a way to make it easier to put into practice or easier to evaluate whether to do something based on the teachings.


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  1. Broom_Service

    It sounds like you’re traveling your own path and that is always a good thing. I hope to hear from you from time to time.

  2. Moonlit_Lass

    Good for you! It feels good when things line up for us!


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