I continue to read aloud, on the phone, almost nightly to my dear friend Frankie, who lives about 40 miles away but can’t afford to get to town much.  We just started the 7th and final book of the famous Fuzzy Planter series, “Fuzzy Planter and the Deadly Halitosis”.  (Yes, people, those are puns.  I am a much-vaunted Master of Pun Fu.)  (For those who are curious about the earlier titles, they are:  “Fuzzy Planter and the Horrible Scones”, “Fuzzy Planter and the Secret Chambermaid”, “Fuzzy Planter and the Poisoner of Zyban”, “Fuzzy Planter’s Goblin Gets Fired”, “Fuzzy Planter and the Side Order of Phoenix Fries”, and “Fuzzy Planter and the Half-Assed Quince”… or is that “Half-Developed Prints”?)

We have found a “missing” Callahan’s book (Spider Robinson) which will likely be read next.  I want to try Frankie out on the “Complete Enchanter” series, begun by Fletcher Pratt and L. Sprague deCamp and continued much more recently by L. Sprague deCamp, Christopher Stasheff, and others.  There is a 5th book, soon out in paperback, of the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik, that we will definitely get to.  And we keep hoping that Glen Cook will write a 12th book in his Garrett, P.I. series.  We have also enjoyed the Nightside series, and there are more stories yet to come in that one.  I can only estimate that I have read Frankie at least 40 books over the past 2 years or so.  There are some writers I love that don’t “do it” for Frankie, I run a few chapters or stories by her and then let her decide whether to continue, and we either continue or move on.  She admits that she never would have picked up the books I read to her, but enjoys it immensely.

At any rate, many who know and love me (admittedly not that many) are aware that I love to read aloud.  I don’t care what age group a book is written for, so long as it is written well.  I’m not all that good about it, and have been turned away by people recruiting readers for blind people, but nearly all of those whom I have read to believe those recruiters to be wrong, and besides, I just flat enjoy it so to heck with them.


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