I have spent a wonderful weekend housesitting (and dog- and cat-sitting) at SerpentStone House.  This weekend is/was SerpentStone Samhain at Dragon Hills, and I don’t go to Georgia… Rhiannon., knowing this, offered to pay me for housesitting and taking care of the animals.  They have all been sweeties (to me, not always to each other).  It has been a blast; I’ve done some spiritual stuff, more knitting, and even played my guitar a little and worked on writing a new filk song.

Edited to add:  I’m home now, and getting back into my usual routine.  It’s good to be home, but it was so lovely to be there.  The original SerpentStone Circle is out in the back yard, and I took advantage of my access to it.  There was a crystal cluster in the middle of the altar, which apparently had been used as a stick incense holder, and it was almost covered in moss… wonder why I liked that, LOL.

Mike took care of my place, and did some work on the Asheville Homeless Network receipts, which have been piling up for years with nobody even looking at them.




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