I have new items posted to my store, Moss’ Malas .  I hope I can sell some of these wonderful items and add more stock — eventually this store is intended to fund Pathways Foundation, which will help people in need on all lightworking paths.

I’ve continued to feel isolated of sorts.  In my studies, in my friendships, in my activities I feel as though I’m the only one here so often.  Not all the time, but my type of bipolar tends towards depression.  It’s not too bad, but it’s there.  I have made two new friends on the internet recently, but that tends to enhance, not diminish, this feeling, as there is no chance of actual meetings and physical closeness.  Ah well, I’ll get over it, through it, or past it one way or another.


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  1. DearSnippie

    hey, thanks for posting that link. it looks like a really cool place to sell stuff. Ebays fees are killing me. How’s your luck selling on there? Any tips for me if I sign up?

  2. DearSnippie

    oh and I hope things get better for you. Sounds like ur down. If you ever need to talk i’m here.

  3. mordewis

    @SnippiesBlog – It was pretty easy to sign up. While it frees you from eBay’s fees, you still get PayPal or Google Payments. They also try to talk you into signing up for Google AdWords, which costs money but can cut the fees from Google Payments IF you can get enough sales to pay for it.The one thing I don’t like about eCrater is that I can’t post items I can get — if I don’t have it in stock, it doesn’t go on my site.Thanks for the sympathy… could use it.

  4. the_shadow_drake

    hey moss just thought id let you know your one of the coolest people i know and im glad to have met you keep up the good work and good luck with the store

  5. mordewis

    @the_shadow_drake – Thanks for that… good to hear from you, hope your life is falling together.

  6. the_shadow_drake

    yeah things are coming together ok for the most part getting that seasonal depression off to an early start this year though stupid cold weather lol

  7. Moonlit_Lass

    Very cool malas! Hope you sell lots!

  8. mordewis

    @Moonlit_Lass – You and me both, darlin’. I just placed another order for items which are not yet at the site. Just last night I listed the new items from the last order, but based on the time of your message you probably saw all of them.I feel bad taking money for these items, but have several consolations. 1. the fact that they are far cheaper than these same items in local stores, 2. the idea of using the sale to fund the Foundation and help people… those are the two biggies.Hugs,Moss

  9. absurditee

    I echo what some of these people have said here. You’re a good person. Keep on!Like you, my own type of Bipolar Disorder tends toward the depressive. Fortunately, my meds do help temper that, but on occasion, it can still get a bit overwhelming. *sigh*Anyway, have a good weekend, OK? Cheers!

  10. mordewis

    @absurditee – LOL nothing my meds ever did helped. Always hurt, usually badly. That’s why I stopped taking them. The supplements help a lot, but some of this is just bad training and I need to find new ways to train myself.


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