I walked past my fish’s bowl on Thursday, and it seemed kinda brownish… since I had just changed it on Tuesday, it seemed odd… found him decomposing on the bottom of the bowl, don’t have a clue why he wasn’t floating.  Waaaah, I loved that fish. 

Well, today I called the two closest pet stores to me, and they both had bettas.  I went to the closest one, thinking that if they didn’t have one I liked I could catch the bus to the next one… but they did, I have a beautiful new betta buddy named Rainbow.  He doesn’t have any red to speak of, kinda rare in a betta, but he has lots of blue and yellow and (first time I’ve seen this in a betta) GREEN!.


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  1. dragonflies_and_lipstick

    Awww…I like bettas! Do you have him in one of those vases with the peace lilies? Those are pretty. Good luck with the your new pretty fish.

  2. Broom_Service

    I’m sorry for the loss of your fish. I’m glad that you got a new buddy, though.

  3. mordewis

    @dragonflies_and_lipstick – I still have the original vase I got my first betta in, which had some kind of water plant… the plant is long gone… but I currently use a vase I bought at Ross that holds 1.6 gallons, gives him much more room to swim around and more surface to breathe.

  4. Moonlit_Lass

    Sounds very pretty! I kill plants and fish. They take one look at me and go belly up on eye contact.

  5. mordewis

    @Moonlit_Lass – Bettas are supposed to live only 2-3 years. I’ve had 2 last beyond 4 years, and they would have lasted longer had I not done something stupid. But Midnight only made it to about 2… I hope I have Rainbow a lot longer.


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