New Haircut

I call this my Michael Stipe look… or my Leukemia Patient Hairstyle…

This is Before (taken on my cellphone)…

This is After…

Sorry for the poor focus, either my cell phone cam is poor or the lens was dirty…


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  1. Broom_Service

    Wow. What a huge difference between pictures. What made you decide to go hairless? Any special reason or did you just want a change of pace?

  2. mordewis

    @Broom_Service – Um, it was a wild hair up my ass, and when I got rid of it I kept going? I really shouldn’t have done this for about 4 more months, and then harvested it for Locks of Love as I have done twice in the past. But I just had to do it… slightly symptomatic… I’m much better now, but will maintain this for a week or two… boy, it’s a LOT colder… bad timing…

  3. Broom_Service

    @mordewis – Oh, I bet it’s a lot colder. You have a cool smile. I hate my smile. I think I look like a chipmonk so I try not to… it’s the high cheekbones I think. I can understand it being symptomatic. When I divorced my second mistake I went out and butched my hair short. I’m glad that you’re better now and I hope that it gets much, much better for you real soon.

  4. mordewis

    @Broom_Service – Well, all the time I was growing up everyone said I looked goofy… of course, at about age 32 I ballooned from 165 pounds to 245, and then kept going for a while… 5 years ago I weighed 305, then I took myself off psych drugs… dropped to 265, been bouncing up and down since… the lowest I’ve been is 242, during a bad bout of the flu 4 years ago. And I need to get under 230 for purposes of my blood pressure… I have noticed that my once-thick lips have thinned considerably (it all went to my belly, ha ha)… ah well, we all have something we don’t like about ourselves.

  5. Broom_Service

    @mordewis – Yeah, it’s not easy losing weight. The body seems to balance and it seems no matter what, you stay a steady weight until you find a new way to trick your body.


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