The Cost of Consumer Society

Cost of ten years of basic education for all the world’s children:  $6 billion

Amount spent on cosmetics each year (US only):  $8 billion

Cost to provide clean water for everyone in the world:  $9 billion

Amount spent on perfumes each year (US & Europe only):  $12 billion

Cost per year to achieve basic health and nutrition for the entire world:  $13 billion

Amount spent each year on pet food (US & Europe only):  $17 billion

Total amount the US spends on Christmas each year:  $450 billion

Cost of Iraq War to US (as of Dec 15 2008): $580 billion

Initial cost of the US Government bailout of failing financial institutions:  $700 billion

Resetting our priorities:  PRICELESS

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  1. Broom_Service

    You got that right!

  2. pjskiwi

    Amen to this!!!


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