If you won a multi-million dollar lottery, what would your first five purchases be?

First I would pay off all my debt.  Then I would give my parents something back for all they’ve done for me; I’ve been disabled a long time, and they often pick up the slack financially.  Then I would buy a house and car, nothing fancy, just something I could afford now were I out of debt.  And then I’d go visit India before coming home and settling in to my new life.  #6 would be to visit some friends I’ve known a long time, and see that they are taken care of.  And #7, probably higher chronologically, would be to make sure the homeless of Asheville had more of their needs met, build a new shelter if I must…


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  1. DarkAsrai

    Thought you might enjoy this.

  2. DarkAsrai

    Thought you might like this.


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