Sports Gripes

I don’t have any friends locally who are sports fans like me, so I have to air it here.  I have not done so previously.  Time to pay up.

The Charlotte Bobcats.  What the blank is wrong with them?  The team is owned by a local owner, the only black owner in the league; have Micheal Jordan in the front office; now even have Larry Brown on the bench as Head Coach (his first head coaching job was with the Carolina Cougars in the defunct ABA)… the bench is filled with 1st Round draft choices from premier college teams…  but somehow, these guys can’t win games!  Each and every player in the first 8 have proven that they can score, play defense, rebound… but they’re still not playing as a team, even with the man who could be called the best coach in history at the helm.

The Carolina Panthers.  They have the same record as the Giants, last year’s SuperBowl Champion.  They have the same record as the Tennessee Titans, who, in the other Conference, have already clinched Home Field through the playoffs.  But they still haven’t even CLINCHED their OWN spot in the playoffs.  (If the Giants had beaten Dallas on Monday, they would have clinched — but would be a game behind the Giants.)  They play the Giants this Sunday night (on NBC), which should at least result in clinching a playoff spot and maybe even the Division Championship… and if they BEAT the Giants, they will be in the running for Home Field through the playoffs (assuming they win their last two games against nobodies).

I’m not going to complain about the Carolina Hurricanes… don’t know enough to complain, and besides, they play in Raleigh, not Charlotte.  And I can’t complain about the UNC Tarheels men’s basketball team… still ranked #1…

All right, rant over.


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  1. Moonlit_Lass

    LOL can’t relate at all but hugs anyway!


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