Peer Support

Well, I’ve been engaged in peer support for at least the last 7 years.  Every now and then, some local agency (usually mental health) offers peer support specialist training.  I’ve applied several times, and been ignored.

It looked like it was going to happen again.  I contacted the agency in October about training beginning in January.  The lady I emailed and chatted on the phone with said that she was not the person who was scheduling the seminar, and that she’d pass the information on; and that they did not yet have an application process in place.  I did not hear from them again, and emailed her again last Friday.

Today I got an email from her, stating that all the applications should have been submitted by December 5, that there were already 20 full slots and 15 on the waiting list, that she WAS the person scheduling this.  She did me the favor, however, of acknowledging that she had dropped the ball, and sent me the fliers and application.  When I turned them around to her in less than an hour and she read them, she immediately said that I was in, if I could schedule the full 80-hour, two-week training session (Jan 5-9, 12-16).  I looked at my calendar — right now, I would only have to miss 4 meetings to do that, which is an incredibly light load for 2 weeks.  I may need to not schedule my chiropractor.  But I can do it. 

Successful completion of this course will certify me as a Peer Support Specialist, and could result in a job offer.  With a paycheck.  Wow.


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