Well, my little electronic organizer bit the big one about two weeks before Yule… the batteries seem good, so I guess the on/off switch is busted.  Unfortunatly, I did not have the data backed up (I backed it up BEFORE the last disk crash), so I have lost most of my addresses… I have nearly all my phone numbers, as they got entered into the new cellphone while the box was working.

So I went on eBay to find another one.  I found one that was a monster, definitely had everything I wanted; another that looked about the same level as the one I lost; and a third that looked good enough if nothing else happened and was too cheap to ignore.  I made the mistake of making minimum bids on all three… and won all three.  That just shouldn’t happen, I’m sure there is a crack in the reality matrix somewhere.

Well, it left me with two to give away for presents, good timing right?  I gave the cheap one to my roommate (now moving out), who was MORE than happy to receive it (he has little slips of paper with phone numbers all over the place); and I’m giving the other one to a close friend.  The monster, indeed, turned out to be more than I needed, so I’m keeping it.

The new organizer is an Oregon Scientific EX888L.  Don’t bother looking it up, Oregon Scientific has forgotten about this model — the only stuff I could find about it on the Web was in Spanish.  So it’s probably not a brand new thing, except it WAS new and unused in the original box.  The thing weighs more than any 4 organizers I’ve ever had, but it does fit in the same pouch on my backpack that I used for the old one (barely).

If you know anything about electronic organizers, you probably know that unless you need a Blackberry, 34 Kb is enough memory.  (The mid-range one I got, a Royal, has just that, and I think the cheapie does too.)  Well, the Oregon Scientific organizer has 256 Kb of memory on it.  It uses a CR-2032 only as a data backup battery — the main system runs on two AAA batteries, which is great as they are much cheaper to replace than CR-2032s, but that adds to the bulk and weight.

The really fun thing is the software disk and data cable.  This is the best-looking-constructed data cable I’ve ever seen… but the software is on a floppy.  Have you noticed that most computers in the past 4 years do not have floppy drives anymore?  Since the company doesn’t seem to remember making this model, it’s unlikely that I can download the software… but I have written the company just in case.

So if you’d given me your address before, or if you think I should have it for whatever reason, please send it to me again.  I’ll do my best to back up the data this time, if only on paper.


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  1. Broom_Service

    Wow… what are the chances that you would win all three with a minimum bid? That was nice of you to give the other two away. It sounds like you got quite the find. I hope that the company can help you out with the software.


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