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Xanga Username: Mordewis.  There have been others.  It’s an old Welsh name meaning “sea-chosen”, and the diminutive form, which I use all the time, is Moss.

Xanga Birthdate: 2/4/2003

Xanga “Statuses”: I’m going to be a True Xangan someday, if they don’t keep changing what that means.  I don’t bleed green enough to afford Life Membership, but have considered it several times.  But they keep FIXING things that AREN’T BROKEN.  I want my old home page back — there are help files that tell me how to do that, but the suggestions don’t, in the end, work.

Xanga Profile Picture: HipposRUs.  Get over it.

First Xanga Friend: Not sure.  Pretty sure most of my early friends are no longer friends.  The oldest friend on my current list is Frankie… but I know I’ve been talking to Flamez longer, and she’s not even on the list…  Hey, when I joined we had Subscriptions only, there weren’t Friends.  Guess I should go look at my Subscriptions list…  yup, Flamez was the 4th person to Subscribe to me… the first hasn’t posted since 2005…

Subsequent Xanga Friends: I only have 19 people on my Friends list.  I have several times that in subscribers.  I know I’m shouting in the wilderness, but I’d love to populate that wilderness a bit more…

Xanga BFFs: Flamez is everything in the world to me.  She befriended me before I knew how much TOO YOUNG she was, and has stuck with me through everything.  That’s what Family does.

Xanga Family: Not into that so much… I just do my subs and occasionally post.

Other Close Xanga Pals: Talked too much about this already.  But Megan is a special lady, and I don’t think her name (just mentioned) is anywhere on her blog so I didn’t give anything away.

Other Xangans Worth Mentioning:

Xanga Likes: Xanga is still the easiest blogsite on the web to USE.  Screw all the add-ons.

Xanga Dislikes: Xanga is trying to be more and more things, I guess to get more users… be something they aren’t already…  I like what they ARE.  MySpace and Friendster have killed off a lot of press about Xanga, and they are NOT NEARLY AS GOOD OR EASY TO USE.

Official Xanga Achievements: My achievements are in life.  I post them to my blog.

Unofficial Xanga Achievements: ditto

Recommending Habit:

Commenting Habit:  I don’t comment enough.  I try to keep my mouth shut unless I really think I have something to say… or am in an expansive mood.

Timestamping: Didn’t even know what this was until someone else’s blog last week.

Protected Posting: I did it when I had to… but I used another Xanga account to do it, and filled that account with public posts that were really, really neat “fortune cookies” (spiritual statements).  Haven’t needed to since certain women gave up on me.

Xanga Themes: Don’t use themes. Don’t see the need for them.  Had to pay Premium to get backgrounds, using Themes would mean I don’t have to pay for Premium anymore…

Xanga Pulse: not a clue

Xanga Plugz: not a clue

Xanga Hopes: I hope that Xanga can refocus on what made it great in the first place, and cut their add-ons to things that reflect and add to those strengths.  Maybe I’m not a teenage girl or something…

Last Words: I’m old.  Leave me alone.  No, wait, I didn’t mean that…

Comments (3)

  1. Broom_Service

    Ha! I’m not going to leave you alone. Where would the fun be in that?

  2. mordewis

    @Broom_Service – Lady, you interest me strangely. To wit: I am alone. You are not here. Yet you are not going to leave me alone. Need a bus ticket? LOL

  3. Broom_Service

    I thought since the post was about Xanga that you were referring to people on Xanga leaving you alone. To wit: I was not going to leave your Xanga/you alone. (Sorry that my strangeness is shining through. Sometimes I just can’t stop it… it’s so obvious. )


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