Minor Advertising Revelation and Booksale

I finally figured out why all those women in the commercial are trying to get Smilin’ Bob into bed.  It has nothing to do with his average-sized… well, you know…  But have you ever seen him open his mouth?  His JAW IS WIRED SHUT, all he can do is grin.  That means no spouting typical male bullshit during sex…  I mean, face it, if his schlong was really that big, his swim trunks wouldn’t have fallen off.

I’ve been cleaning out my bookshelves.  I may be making a few mistakes, but I intend to rid myself of at least one bookshelf.  I live by myself in a two-bedroom apartment, and there isn’t any room in here.  Gotta do something.  Most of the books I’m getting rid of can be found at Half.com (http://half.ebay.com ) – http://shops.half.ebay.com/moss23_W0QQ  There are some that my friend Sherry has already carted off (and paid me for), and some that Half couldn’t find in their catalog — so I posted those at Amazon.com.  I have no idea how to find my stuff at Amazon, but believe me, most of the really good stuff is either on Half.com or will be for sale in a few months at Sherry’s new bookstore.

Please buy all my books so that I can achieve my goal of reducing bookspace in my apartment.  There are some gems… about 12 have already been purchased.  Also have a couple videos…


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  1. Broom_Service

    I’m thinking that Bob’s supposed to have that permagrin for a reason. I hope that you get your books sold so that you have more space.


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