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Another of my friends told me about this… it is a listing of how many blogs I have posted since becoming a Xanga member…  it isn’t as easy to find as it looks — you click on Weblog, and the link is all the way down at the bottom of the page…

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Alone again, naturally

Things are so bad I’m using a Gilbert O’Sullivan song title.  Well, I’m usually grumpy from sometime in Mid-December through the St. Volatile’s Day holiday.  All my friends keep telling me that there is someone out there for me.  Well, they’ve been telling me that for a hell of a lot of years.  I’m 56 already.  If this were 200 years ago, I’d be the oldest man in my village.  Grrrrrr.

Ladies.  I’m sweet, kind, and available.  I’m a bit unusual… ok, well, a lot unusual.  Check out and see if there’s anything you might like to cuddle there…

…does anyone even REMEMBER Gilbert O’Sullivan???


Israel deserves a homeland.  That state should, probably, be in Palestine.  But the Palestinians deserve a homeland, too… which ALSO is, and always has been, in Palestine.

Stop the occupation.  Learn to live together.

Commercial Subtlety

Remember the Verizon and Alltel commercials I reported on a few days ago?

Today I saw a new Alltel commercial, where the Alltel boys were playing basketball, choosing up teams.  With one pick to go, the guys from AT&T, Sprint, and TMobile were still waiting to get picked… and the team captain (probably a famous NBA player, but what do I know?) picked an old guy who was using a walker instead of any of them.

I just noticed… no Verizon guy.  Now I gotta watch the garbage truck commercial more carefully…  I don’t remember seeing a Verizon guy there, but I could be wrong…  It’s the TMobile guy who says, “It really IS better!”  (I would have expected the Verizon guy to say that… but if he’s not even in the commercial he can’t, now, can he?)


Something on the Verizon?

At the end of a Verizon commercial I saw on Monday was stated, “Now together with AllTel, the largest cellphone company with over 80 Million subscribers.”

I don’t know if they let the cat out of the bag early… but I have not seen that commercial repeat, and the AllTel commercials are still carrying on as if nothing’s happening.


The Moss Music Project

Bolstered by my wonderful experience at the Peer Support Specialist training, and triggered by a few very good experiences there which I wish to build upon, and further encouraged by two of my closest friends and a few others, I have purchased (not yet received) a digital audio recording device (Zoom Audio H4).  I intend to record every damned song that I feel comfortable getting up in front of audiences with, and as I have a 4″ D-ring binder of lyrics, that should take me quite a while.  Even if I peter out, I should have a lot more of my stuff recorded, in better quality, than ever.  At the very least, it can be a good legacy for my grandchildren.  Wish me luck.