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<The following blog is cross-posted from my blog at in regards fundraising efforts for Asheville Homeless Network>

I was walking to Asheville Mall to attend a meeting at Belk’s (with Beverly) when I got offered a ride by a man who has given me rides before.  He is apparently involved in the Ducky Derby, a charity event to be held this Saturday at Prestige Suzuki, and invited me to attend… not sure what I’ll be able to do, but it will get us known to the people responsible for the event for future use.

Beverly and I showed up in time for the 3:00 meeting… and were told that it was at 3:30, so we went and had some coffee at Starbucks.  When we came back at 3:30, we were apologized to… two other charities showed up just after we left, and they discovered that we were right as to the time.  They were almost done describing the event to them, and when they were done we got a “private re-screening”.

So here’s what it is.  We have 500 tickets to sell, at $5 each.  Each ticket is good at Belk’s only on May 2 during the hours of 6 am – 10 am.  The ticket gives the holder $5 off their first purchase, and 40-60% off of items that ONLY go on sale during their twice-yearly charity event… in other words, 363 days of the year these items will NOT be on sale, and will only be on sale THEN for those purchasing a ticket.

Guess what?  We get to keep ALL the money we get from selling these tickets.  So if we sell all 500 tickets, that’s $2,500.  (They will gladly give us more tickets if we sell out.)

Beverly and I will also be at the store from Noon to 4 pm on both April 24th and 25th, to sell tickets, inform the public about who and what we are, and maybe raise some more money.

And then, on May 2, Beverly and I will be at the store from 6 am to 10 am, again to sell tickets.  During this time we can also have customers fill out credit applications for Belk credit — for which we get $5 for each one filled out.  And throughout the sale, employees will also be selling tickets… and at the end of the sale, all the ticket sales for that day will be divided equally between the four charities working that day, which includes us.

Wow.  No definite money, but thousands of dollars possible.

On the day of the sale, we can also have a bake sale or any other kind of sale we wish to.  Anyone wishing to contribute to this effort, and all ideas on what we might do with our space towards this end, please come to the next AHN meeting (Thursday at 2 pm, Grove Corner Market, as usual).

Many thanks to Beverly for backing me up on this.

In service,

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