Monthly Archive: April 2009

Culling the Herd

Well, I’ve had it cleaning up hippo feces, so I’m cutting back on the sheer volume of hippos around here.  Honestly, I had over 130 of the lovely beasts in my little 2-bedroom apartment.  I just got done posting 41 of them on eBay (40 postings, two of them come as a pair), and have a bag of about 10 more ready to go to Goodwill.

I had tried to cut back on my books…  I posted a lot of them on and a few on Amazon, but not that many sold.  It was good to get a little extra money from those that did… My friend Sherry said she’d try to come over this weekend and make me an offer on what’s left.

Developing non-attachment is never easy.  And it’s harder when you try to find new homes for your stuff, and few respond.

My music project, now dubbed Project Moss, is underway.  I have 9 new recordings, and the experience from doing those is allowing me to cut out some earlier recorded performances (late 2006) from a series of long, continuous files, giving me 7 more songs.  Only a few friends have suggested themselves as repositories for the outcome of this project so far, but then I don’t know when I’ll be done.


Roll ‘Em Out

Today, April 7th, is Rollout Day for new books from Eternal Press.  We publish eight books each month in a wide variety of fiction, available as eBooks and in print.  This month’s books are:

Hope Springs Eternal by Ginger Simpson (Medical Romance)
Sister Margaret by Rhonda Parish (Horror)
A Gift of Love by Wendy Stone (Historical Romance)
Homecoming by Regina Paul (Gay Erotica)
The Wood by Andrew Richardson (Horror)
The Sarran Plague by AC Katt (Science Fiction Erotica)
The Golden Hour    by Eliza Crowe (Erotica/Romance)
Rome’s Perfect Boy by Alex Fox (M/M Romance)

Please go to or other booksellers including Amazon, FictionWise, MobiPocket, etc., to purchase these titles. You will also find fuller descriptions of these books at the Eternal Press website.