OK, so I haven’t posted lately.  I’ve been a very, very busy man.  Asheville Homeless Network stuff has been happening faster than I can keep up with, and my usual meetings and appointments.  I have a therapist appointment tomorrow, followed by a mental health advisory committee meeting…

I once again tried to install Ubuntu (new version) on my computer, and once again had bad things happen.  Right now my Windows is handicapped.  I will have to totally install the system (and all the software I’ve added) all over again, and I can’t find my DSL modem software.  I have a friend with the same modem who will let me borrow his disk, but we’re both too busy to get to each other.  So until that happens, I will either be using an unprotected machine or will be running Ubuntu Live (i.e., loaded directly from the disk), unless I can manage to get WUBI to load another copy of Ubuntu 8.04 on here… which is the last version that actually worked with sound, although it hasn’t lately.  A lot of things that are supposed to run don’t, because some important piece of Windoze is missing.  A Microsoft employee said she would help me with it, and gave me some tests to run… and it has been over 24 hours since I gave her the result of those tests, with no response from her.

Good thing I don’t have a car.  With my luck, it, too, would be broken down.  My girlfriend’s car certainly is, and I haven’t seen her for almost 2 weeks.

My life is wonderful, just has some jagged edges right now.  Not all my friends are doing any better than I am, but each have their high points and low points.

Ah well.  Without writing a book, I couldn’t even begin to describe any more.


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