I had been fighting with myself for a few days about buying another computer.  I love running Linux, my old computer doesn’t like it, so I get another computer and network them, right?  Well, I found a steal, a P-4 2.6 GHz Gateway business-class tower for $75.  I even had to tell them I didn’t need the monitor.

I got it home.  Just sat it on the floor.  Two hours later, my machine, which I had just restocked (see earlier blog), died.

I had all the clues, especially the SpeedFan reading saying that the COOLEST my computer’s processor ever got was 63 degrees Celsius… and the specs website which stated that its MAX temperature was 62…  So basically, the processor’s heat sink was one big dust-bunny and, therefore, there was no airflow around the processor from the fan, and it just slowly died of overheating.

Another 8 hours later, I had the new computer up and running with all my software.  It’s about 33% slower than my old machine, and is limping along on 0.5 Gb of RAM besides (I ordered more for it before the old machine died), but it is running XP Pro instead of Home, and at least I have a running computer.  I keep all my important files on an external hard drive, so I didn’t lose anything.  And my friend John has already bought me a new processor for the old machine, and won’t tell me how much it cost (it has yet to arrive).  If I hadn’t bought the new computer, I’d truly be freaking out.

I did try installing Linux on the new machine.  It runs WUBI fine, but doesn’t download the ISO.  I think it’s a lack of RAM… but won’t be able to test that theory until I have more.

Stay tuned for The Resurrection.

Me, the Computer Geek

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