Don’t Take Online Quizzes

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The Hidden Secrets of Online Quizzes

Posted by CmdrTaco on Thursday May 14, @09:32AM
from the i-thought-it-just-cluttered-my-facebook dept.
LegionKK points out a story on PC World, sending along this excerpt: “Ultimately, deciding whether you should take an online quiz comes down to a question of trust: Are you comfortable putting your information — personal or financial — into the owner’s hands? Remember, even if you don’t directly input data, it can be passed along. Such is the case with Facebook, where just opening an application automatically grants its developer access to your entire profile. And don’t assume that the developer isn’t going to use the information within. […] The ads can follow you long after you click away, too. Just look at RealAge, a detailed quiz that assigns you a ‘biological age’ based on your family history and health habits. The site, a recent investigation revealed, takes your most sensitive answers — those about sexual difficulties, say, or signs of depression — and sells them to drug companies looking to market medications.”

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  1. Broom_Service

    Thanks for the heads up! I don’t get personal with any quizzes.


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