Computer setup is running great.  After trying a few different distros, I went back to Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope.  Runs great, no known problems.  All I have to do to jump from Windoze to Linux is push a button, and both are connected (through an old hub) to the Internet.  The only thing not accessible to both computers is the printer, and it doesn’t play nice with Linux anyhow.


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  1. Broom_Service

    That’s great! I’m so happy you’ve got going. Sorry to hear about the printer though.

  2. mordewis

    I could probably set the printer on the hub, or buy a router… but if Linux doesn’t like it anyhow, why bother? Right now, I’m listening to my music on the Linux machine and typing on the Windoze machine… whatever the music player is doing will not affect my surfing.


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