Guess I haven’t been posting much here.  Had a few things to post on my LJ and one or two for my MySpace, because they fit there better, but gotta remember this is MY BLOG.

Not much going on.  Computer are working great.  Been a little low-energy lately, but that should pick up by next weekend.  I still haven’t called for an acupuncture appointment.  Helped someone on the phone last night, who had found my phone number on the Internet and NEEDED to talk to me, that definitely picked me up some… or maybe it was the Terri Tea I was drinking, or both…

I’ve been mostly off Messenger lately, and mostly invisible when I’m on.  Used to be I would talk to anyone and everyone, now I wait for someone to want to talk to me or someone I really like talking to.  Also could be a sign of the low energy mentioned earlier.

I’m trying to get people interested in MadPride Asheville, which I have scheduled for July 11 at The Old Magnolia Tree in front of City Hall…  anyone wants to join in, come on down.  MadPride is a celebration of we gleefully maladjusted people, sponsored/coordinated by MindFreedom International — of which I am not only a member but, by virtue of being President of Asheville Homeless Network, head of a Sponsoring Organization.

Ah well.  Minor disappointment last Thursday, I thought my whole half hour concert was being recorded but they only recorded the first two songs… and may only release one of them to the podcast.


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