Doing all right

Managed to get through Thursday’s meeting without any triggering, still felt good enough when I got home to go back out and do Open Mic Night, and last night only needed 7.5 hours’ sleep… I usually get 10-12 or more Thursday night, just to recover…

I’ve been getting some nudge-nudge-wink-wink comments from some friends about last weekend.  Any of you who think that the Thursday night event was even CLOSE to the Saturday night event don’t know me at all.  I just wish I would get an email from her…

I haven’t previously mentioned that I was made a Moderator at the Beyond Meds website – .  The blog attached to this website is the #1 rated blog in the US on mental health issues, and the writer is a personal friend (in fact, only lives about 2-3 miles away).  This gives me access to even more people searching for alternatives to their pharmaceutical overlords.


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