I wrote the goddess who held my hand last Saturday night.  I woke up this morning, thinking I might look for her on MySpace.  I didn’t find her there, but had a thought that I might find her on Facebook (which I had been avoiding, as many of you know).  She was there.  Looking just as beautiful.

So I wrote her a quick note.  She responded that she also did have a MySpace and also MyYearbook.  I went back over to MySpace and “Friended” her there.  I then wrote her a note, a bit longer… long enough to put both feet in my mouth clear up to my hip, but I was honest.

To be serious, I’m not trying to get her to fall for me… but I’ve already fallen, and I want to know if that’s where she wants me, or should I get back up and keep going…  Her relationship status on Facebook is “Complicated”, I don’t know what that means or how scared I should be.


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