Monthly Archive: June 2009

Well, I have new blogs at LJ… username zaivala…

I have my computer system all set up, at least until I get Linux running properly.  I have a 2.60 GHz Gateway E-6100 that I will be putting some version of Linux on, and a 3.40 GHz HP Pavilion a1020n which I will use for Windoze.  (Both are just regular P4s with HyperThreading.)  I have both connected to the Internet via a hub connected to my DSL modem, speakers for each computer, and a KVM switch so I only have to have one keyboard, mouse (trackball) and monitor.  The printer is only hooked up to the Pavilion, but it’s a model that doesn’t run well in Linux anyhow.  (Some KVM switches let you use one set of speakers, but not the one I bought.)

I just finished downloading a recording of my 1/2-hour concert this weekend… gotta convert it to MP3, the WAV file is huge…

But I sure had a blast.  First con I had been to for a while, more filkers and filking activity than I’ve seen since OVFF (which I haven’t been to since 1994), and a few friendly faces already known as well as many more new ones.  It was a larger con than I can remember being at, almost 1,000 people… kinda daunting to me, but if I were used to it I could have done more.

I guess my blogs are fracturing.  My music blog will be at LJ, my homeless blog at the AHN website ( ), everything about my life here, and anything that needs to get out to more people will be echoed at MySpace.