Busy day.

I sent an email, with a proposed press release and proposed letter to companies, to the executive director of MANNA Food Bank, about the project Marc and I are working on to feed children (especially homeless children).  As of right now, I have not heard back from Kitty yet, but there will be a meeting Thursday at Noon (OMG too early) with her, myself, and someone from Anything Brands Online, the company that will be providing the produce delivery.

I got recertified for another year (decision not made, but fairly automatic) in Shelter + Care, the housing program I’m in.  Among upcoming changes, they will no longer pay the utility companies directly, but will give me that allowance off my rent and expect me to make the payment.  The way I have reduced my electricity usage, that could be a benefit to me.

Then I went to my acupuncture appointment.  Related the issues brought up by the last (first) session.  Did a few different things.  Bartered for service with a rudraksha-and-crystal bracelet.  Not as relaxing as last time, but I’m still going to wait.  I *should* be going 3 times a week, and can barely afford to go once.  Even so, it could take a couple months before benefits show themselves.

Afterwards, I went across the hall to a new chiropractor’s office.  He agreed to treat me on about the same basis as the acupuncture clinic.  His first treatment was very non-invasive, and he seems to know a lot of things older chiropractors would not have been taught, specifically around energy work.  He had SOME training in acupuncture and massage therapy prior to becoming a chiropractor.  This could really work well for me.

Afterwards, I located my acupuncturist in the hair studio down the hall, having a late lunch.  She mentioned that she saw me on TV Saturday.  Wish someone had a recording of it…  that also got me in a conversation with the hair salon owner, an older lady named Angel who seemed sweet as all get-out.  We mostly talked about making a website for a group she is involved in.

Following all this, I had missed the last bus on Charlotte Street, so I called Pam to see if she’d like to barter free dinner for a ride home.  Unfortunately, she was already scheduled to pick up other friends and go to the ARMHC meeting.  I could have changed my mind about going home then and gone to the meeting, but it felt like a full enough day alread.

I came home to find I had received a radio I had purchased on eBay (from a distributor in China).  It is really neat, smaller than expected, has lots of good features, and I found out that I paid 57% of the retail price (most of what I paid was for shipping, too…)  The instruction sheet is absolutely the worst (and funniest) ChinEnglish I’ve ever seen.  I called Beth and James and talked to them about it.  James looked up the specs on a European website, and forwarded the PDF file to me.  Apparently, while it may not be the best radio ever, it is exceptional for the price.  I get AM (slightly wider than normal), FM (WAY wider than normal — 63.4 MHz to 109.1 MHz), and 8 shortwave bands.  I paid $5.95 plus $9.99 shipping… the unit costs 20 Euros in Europe (US$27.95).

An old online friend of Beth’s, and not quite as old a friend as mine, accepted my Friend request on Facebook.  First time I’ve seen his picture.  I wrote Beth, and she said she hadn’t seen it either, so I sent it to her.

Read to Frankie as usual.  I’ve long since lost count of all the books I’ve read to her, mostly over the phone.  We’re on the second book in the Myth series by Robert Lynn Asprin.  It’s really hard to remember this is the same person who co-authored Illuminatus! and was a mainstay in Discordianism until his death a year ago.

That’s about it for one day.


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