More updates

Lots of stuff happening, and even more almost happening… but as we said in high school, “almost” only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and drive-in movies…

I have a new pet.  Her name is Ariadne, and she is a 2-3 year old ball python.  As sweet and gentle as they come, except she hates her cage.  I’m working at getting her a larger one.

I went to see the acupuncturist today, but the bus service was so abysmal that I got there 2 hours after she left… which turned out to be a good thing.  The other acupuncturist encouraged me to wait a moment and he would see me… and  he turned out to be much better than the person I had been seeing. I made an appointment with the chiropractor for Monday (just across the hall from the acupuncture clinic) and have one next Friday with the new acupuncturist.

Afterward, I walked to City Hall for a meeting with Amy Sawyer, the City’s coordinator of the Homeless Initiative.  It was a really good meeting… no new sources of money though.  The only way AHN qualifies for the federal incentive money would be if we could get certified by HUD.

I then walked to Ingles to get breakfast and do some pricing for Marc… then took the bus to PetSmart to price a larger cage for my baby… only to find they were overpriced.  I have a call into the Southern Appalachian Herpegtological Society, and the guy thinks he might have a tank I could get cheaply enough.

Whew.  Worn out again.  Talk to ya later.


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