I’ve been working very hard to keep up with my email, my two Ning pages, and my Facebook.  Even though I have more friends on Facebook, with all the piddly little games and stuff it’s just not worth my time… but I’d hate to delete that account… as much as I’m using (not) MySpace, might as well kill that one too…

I made a small killing on eBay this week.  I had two items which were shipped to me by mistake, and received the correct items, so these were literally FREE to me.  I posted them on eBay, and after paying postage costs I made over $60 on them.  The one item I got around $57 plus shipping for, and even if I *had* ordered it from the place that sent it to me, it would have only cost about $15 ($23 with shipping).  And I posted ON THE eBay POST, that these were essentially free items to me.  I swear, I’m going to buy a lot more stuff from them and sell it on eBay…  there IS a way to make a killing on eBay after all…

Ariadne didn’t eat the food I bought her on Sunday.  Didn’t eat it Monday.  It was unusable after that.  On Tuesday I bought her some live food, and she didn’t touch that either.  I took it back for store credit today, she’ll get hungry later.  It is as I thought, the previous owner was overfeeding her.  I’ve confirmed that idea with others of my friends who have experience with this breed of critter.


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