Monthly Archive: September 2009

Another wonderful festival

I had a great weekend at SerpentStone Harvest, despite a lack of sleep making me whinier than usual.  The end result was, I learned a lot of things, had a great time with a wonderful bunch of people, and have a new girlfriend.  I needed all of that, I’ve been working my butt off for the homeless the past couple of weeks (and more this week).  It’s nice to have someone who needs me without being needy, and is there for me without being controlling, who shares my spirituality (different flavor, same ice cream) and even would like my editing experience on her somewhat-finished book.  Now I just need transportation for the 120 miles that lay between us for the time being.  Jai Ganesha Jai! Lord Ganesha stepped in so many times this weekend to make things happen that there is no way to thank Him properly.  Of course, I stuck to my guns and the path he set before me, or nothing would have worked… nothing worse than a whiner who won’t get off his ass to change things, and I am not that ass.  Or something like that.

You’re going to hear more about Nightress in the coming months, I’m sure.  I hope the gods slow things down enough that we can learn each other better before getting in too deep, and not so much that we start to lose hope of ever being together.  I think we already have planted the seeds of our future (and no, I don’t mean she’s pregnant, get your minds out of that place).  Actually, while we talked for hours and hours, committed to each other, and had some good bits of making out, we kept our clothes on and even spent the night in our respective tents.  So there.



One of the members of my Peer Support Training class back in January died today of internal injuries from a car accident.  Prayers go skyward for the soul of Debra Lynn Teague.