My longest-time distance student informed me tonight that she wanted me to come handfast her and her guy on October 30, followed on the 31st by the handfasting of her friend.  I think I’ve talked her out of it, and maybe into a Mabon (Autumnal Equinox) handfasting.  Getting married on Samhain is about as bad as a Christian getting married on Black Saturday (day before Easter),  I mean, it’s nice that they wanted their ancestors there, but it’s really too much and would affect their marriage. 

Other issues: what ritual to use or craft… whether my licenses are valid in their county (some counties require that ministers have a physical church in that county)… and whether they want to come get me or just send me a bus ticket (the bus would be cheaper, but we’d have more time to visit on the drive).  If anyone has other issues, please bring them up.

Another option might be for them to drive down here and have me do the handfasting here, but that might bring up other issues, such as residency and marriage license requirements.


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