Yesterday, by my best reckoning, is the 6th anniversary of the last time I took psychiatric “medications”.  If you’ve known me during this time, you’ve seen me blossom and seen how much I can do to help others, which was not possible under those horrible drugs.  I also have damaged – but healing, despite my doctors’ assertions – kidneys from that time.  After nearly 40 years on doctor-administered drugs (which were so bad as to keep me from wanting to get involved in any other drugs), now I have been clean for six.  What a world of difference this has made!  Ask any of the 375 people in the ALT-therapies4bipolar Yahoogroup, or the 90 members of my Med Free or Working On It Ning page (  I am still in the process of becoming everything I wish to be, but amaze myself and my friends who have seen me grow.  May you get the support you need in your life to face whatever challenges you have, as I have… and if I have been part of that support, I’m so glad to have been there.


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