Turkey Day

My friend Pam wanted to have Thanksgiving Dinner at her house… but all the friends she wanted to invite are in town and her house is 22 miles out of town.  So I suggested my apartment.  So she came over last Friday and helped me clean up (of course I had 80% of the work done before she got there, just because she was coming over to help)… I bought a turkey and some other stuff… Monday we did a final trip to the store.

Tonight I made the stuffing (brown rice in apple juice, plus hderbs and spices), and put the turkey in the fridge (instead of freezer); tomorrow I bake some bread and leave the turkey out to thaw; Thursday when I get up I stuff the stuffing into the bird, stuff the bird into a baking bag, and stuff the bag, bird and all into the oven.  Pam has bought chips, dip, and desserts, and maybe some veggie dishes… Mike says he’s bringing mashed potatoes… and we don’t really know who or what else is coming.

You may wonder why this is a big deal for me.  I have only baked a turkey once before, with my neighbor John doing most of the work, and that was when I was still on drugs (legal, prescribed, but powerful and dangerous anyhow) so I hardly remember it.  Plus there were only three of us that time.  This is the first time I’ve done it myself (well, with help from Pam) or had so many people in my place — or had a nice place that got cleaned up and looks nice.

I may repeat this at Yule, as the church I’ve been visiting has offered me a free bird (Freebird! Freebird!).

So the work is underway (I vacuumed again tonight), and I hope it all goes well.  Wish me luck.


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