As of January 1, my employer, Eternal Press, will become a part of Damnation Books, thus moving to the US after being founded in Australia and run for the past couple years from Canada.  The two brands will not be merged for a while (what do you think of “Eternal Damnation Books”?), but EP will be reorganized along the lines of the smaller DB. 

My job is not in danger per se, but the reorganization plan right now looks like I’ll be split over three departments — will I be made an executive assistant to the person who is over those departments, or what?  I’ll just play it by ear for now, but I hope I get to keep doing what I’m doing. 

I went ahead and got ISBN numbers for EP’s books scheduled for release through April — Canada does not charge for ISBN numbers but the US does.  So I saved my new boss some money. 

This is not too terribly traumatic, as the owner of DB used to be Marketing Manager for EP until not so long ago.  This will supply us with more money to properly advertise our offerings… which is odd, since one of our books is currently the #3 best seller at Fictionwise (now owned by Barnes & Noble), with the #4 book being the latest in the teen-fang-throb Twilight series.  You’d think we’d be generating money.

Wish me luck in the new year.  I hope we continue to grow at the fantastic pace we have been.


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