Temple Oil Fund for poor, rural Siva temples in Tamil Nadu state, India

My friend Subramanian Lakshmi Narayanan, in Chennai, has started a fund to provide oil for lamps for the poorer Siva temples in Tamil Nadu.

The cost of oil is Rs1000 ($21.40 at current exchange rate) for a 15 kg “tin”.  The intial plan is to provide about 120 tins a year, or about 10 tins a month.  (That’s $2,568 per year.)

The names of the temples being supplied at posted on a blog… which currently is written predominantly in Tamil, but a translated page should appear in mid-January.  The website is http://lightingdeepamattemples.blogspot.com .

Obviously I cannot cover these costs myself, but will be donating into this fund.  I transfer money to S. Lakshmi by putting funds into his son’s (student at Columbia University) account at Bank of America; I have been given written proof that the money has reached him and been used for the purpose donated.  So if anyone wants to participate in this project, I’d be happy to accept donations and transfer them in your name.  I am certain S. Lakshmi will be successful in getting others, mostly inside Tamil Nadu, to donate to this purpose.

If you would like to donate through me, please send funds through PayPal to mordewis@serpentstone.org or contact me to discuss other methods.  I assure you I will keep none of the donated funds, and have good experience with all the funds I have sent being used for the purpose for which they were intended.

Shivaya Nahama,
சிவாய நமஹ

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