Monthly Archive: January 2010


I am pleased to report that my article, “The Basics: Spirituality Without Dogma:”, was republished in full in the Imbolc 2010 edition of Pagan Spirit Webzine.  It is always good to see my best work being reprinted for a wider audience.

As I have been lax in mentioning this, my series “Door to the Beyond: Paganism and Mental Health”, originally published in’s webzine, is being reprinted in Green Egg Online.  Green Egg is also publishing my new series, “A World Apart, A World Together: Explorations in IndoPaganism”.

Still no news to report on my promotion at Eternal/Damnation, but I am being treated as if irreplaceable (and am doing my best to be just that) so I doubt that it will fail to happen.



Tomorrow (Saturday) was supposed to be the Homeless Persons’ Memorial Service.  The event was originally scheduled for December 30th, and we got the largest blizzard in 16 years on that day.  Now we have another such blizzard going on, which will prevent this service.

Besides the fact that we should be honoring the otherwise-forgotten deceased homeless people, this event also gets homeless people out fte cold and features a dinner.  But if major blizzard is going on, the living homeless have it much worse than usual.

Maybe we should schedule the service for July.  Then if we have a blizzard it will be a welcome relief from the heat.


Lemme help ya upgrade…

I’m only writing this because virtually nobody reads it. I had to shout this somewhere — better in a nearly-empty room.

Most of you are aware that  have been working for a small-but-growing publisher, Eternal Press.  My job title is Administrative Editor, which is to say, I handle a lot of the busywork for the Senior Editor.

Well, the Senior Editor got really, really, sick last month.  And even before that, she was considering asking to be replaced.  For the past 3 weeks I have been doing her job — or as mchn of it as I understand how to do — in the hopes she would return soon.  (I really love my boss.)

Today I asked the new CEO, who just bought the company as of January 1, how long she expected I would have to do this.

She responded by asking if I want the job.  {EDIT: She responded much differently than that, and I just read what I wanted to read.  She talked about me taking on MORE of the job and splitting the rest among other staff.)

I will be clear.  It was not a job offer, just a trial balloon.  But I more or less DO want the job, if I can get someone to help cover my deficiencies.  I outlined to her my strengths, deficiencies, and questions.  I’m good at that.  [EDIT: I’m also good at seeing what I want to see.  My job may be expanded, but nobody in their left mind would make me Senior Editor.]

I was also informed that I will be paid 1/3 of my boss’ salary as a bonus for the time I’ve been holding the fort.

I love my job, I love this company… I just hope I’m not being promoted beyond my abilities.

…and hey… do me a favor… keep this under your hat for a bit.  I want to sign that contract when offered.  [EDIT: While you’re at it,keep it under your hat what a fool I am.  Nobody wants to hear it anyhow.]

[And, in a final edit, I just now got an email from the CEO saying that making me Senior Editor was what she really had in mind, but that further discussion will need to wait until after Feb.1.  Yippee!!!!]


Already Lost: The War on “Terror”

I could not find anything to disagree with in this article, no matter how hard I wanted to.  Like all other wars we have participated in lately, such as obesity, drugs, smoking, etc. – the costs are higher than the benefits.  I knew that.  I just didn’t know by how much.

Get it over with.  Read the article.  If an Aussie has the balls to write it, we should have the guts to read it.


2010 Here I Come

Well, I made my resolutions… not hard-and-fast ones this year, I figure it will take some time to get up to speed on them.  Mostly to do with my physical and spiritual health.  Doing pretty well at getting the physical half implemented, so far no movement on the spiritual.  Even so, there is more to deal with, with having a cat — and a mouse my snake refuses to eat.  I finally cleaned out the boxes in the closet of the second bedroom… well, almost… still have piles of paper on the floor, where I sorted them as much as I could stand to and then gave up in exhaustion, and there’s a half-a-box of “stuff” still there.  But it’s a start.

About the move… there’s still about a 20% chance I’ll chicken out, but I will not be running AHN another year.  Which probably means I will have to move anyhow.  But I could move to a complex in Columbus NC and still keep my housing.  There’s also a chance a deaf friend will be needing a housemate, for financial freasons.  Might be nice if it happens, but is not to hold breath over.

Well, Paul is here to take me to visit his wife, who is very sick but likes my company.  Gotta run.


From David…

  In the midst of all this snow and freezing weather, I want to share with you a warm spot. My new thriller Havana: Killing Castro — the highly anticipated sequel to Havana: Top Secret — was released this week by Eternal Press. For those of you who are into this series already, I’m hard at work writing the next book, Havana: Twin Powers, which will take readers on another whirlwind chase around the world, this time as far away as the Middle East.
I have great expectations for Havana: Killing Castro. It has won several awards already and is now one of four finalists in the thriller category of the Readers Favorite Contest.
To learn more about it and to purchase the e-book version (the print version will not be available for another week), please go to or visit my website:
Have a great weekend and whatever you don’t do, please do keep writing!
See you all soon.
David Pereda


My new job

I have been hired to pimp out my friend David Pereda’s books at Eternal Press…

David Pereda

David Pereda Havana: Killing Castro, my new thriller, will be released tomorrow, January 7, by Eternal Press.  This book has already won many awards… why not let it win your personal Reader’s Favorite award? (Also available soon at Fictionwise,
Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other fine eBook merchants.)

So buy the book and make me lots of money!


Some day I’ll catch up

I’m still struggling keeping my boss’ job up at Eternal Press.  I’m hoping my struggles will be seen as going-above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty, and not incompetence.  Anybody who thinks I was competent to serve as Senior Editor of a medium-sized ePublisher should have their head examined.  I’m just hoping my boss gets well SOON… I miss her as a friend as well as doing her job.

Still doing the myriad-plus-one things I do, and it’s starting to take its toll.  I’m being less able to remember what I’m doing throughout a day, and missing meetings I had already set out to attend.  This is beyond frustrating.

Anyhow, better get, I have to go visit the vampires to get some labs drawn.  Now see, if I could draw worth a damn, I could draw the labs myself… I probably couldn’t draw a decent amoeba, so a dog is out of the question.