I don’t know why I don’t blog so much anymore… unless it’s the fact that my life has been going to CRAZINESS.

I have a roommate.  He is fairly cool, but has all the brains of your typical 27yo male, which he is.  He keeps trying to get me to do this or that which will make his life easier.  Sometimes it is something that WOULD make MY life easier or cheaper, but with a burst of CRAZY in the middle somewhere.  That has happened a lot lately. 

I have been working on a fundraiser for Asheville Homeless Network all week.  I tried to upgrade my phone (gave it back, bought a phone on Ebay).  Have a SerpentStone Festival this weekend, with my little sister taking me.  Have an old wannabe girlfriend trying to get back into my life…  (Make no mistake, my life might be better with her in it… but I had already given up on that ever happening.)

As I may have mentioned, I am now serving as Senior Editor for Eternal Press.  I may also have mentioned that I’ve been asked to take over as Senior Editor of our new parent company, Damnation Books.  I may also have mentioned that I’m working to promote the latest book of one of our authors, David Pereda, who lives locally to me.

And I’m trying to get ready to move out of town, and give the Homeless Network to someone else.

This all seems to be happening at the same time, with lots and lots and lots of other craziness going on as well (e.g., a toxic friend going totally toxic on me).

This is why I don’t post much.

At present, I am looking forward to AHN elections on June 10, where I will either be replaced or close the Network down.  I am packing a little bit.  I have a Gathering this weekend.  I will be moving to Knoxville or Sevierville in September.  I will be going to a MAJOR HUGE Science fiction convention in Raleigh in early August.  I’m trying to buy a car, but can’t get the title.  I’m trying to get insurance set up (car, driver, or whatever).  And I’m still trying to stay sane and continue my miraculous Recovery.  Which also includes a diet, and I have yet to hit the low side of 240.

Excuse me while I scream.  Thank you.