Monthly Archive: May 2010

Snakes alive!

My ball python, Ariadne, has not eaten since before New Years.  I bought her two mice then, and she ate one.  The other died of old age and neglect sometime in April.  Ariadne escaped from  her cage in early March.  She has been gone so long, I just thought she found a way into the World Out There.

Nope.  Thump in the pantry this morning, and there was Ariadne.  I had to set up her tank again, had broken everything down and was packing to move (yeah, it’s not until September, but that’s just me).  She’s weak as a kitten, so I’m going to have to go pick up some Purina Snake Food Mousie Bites at Pet Supermarket after the Homeless Network meeting.

Only two more meetings for me after this.  Either AHN swims without me or sinks.  I’ve been doing this for 7 year, and been solely responsible for it for 5.  I have lots more things to do now, and need time to do them.
I’ve started to get my feet under me at Damnation Books, where I am now Senior Editor (in addition to my work as Senior Editor of Eternal Press, which is now owned by Damnation).

Ah well, people are starting to show up for the AHN meeting.  I’d better close for now.


Feeling better

The past 10 days, I’ve had much more energy than before.  The following is a list of thing which may have contributed to that.

1. Hydrogen peroxide therapy – see the book, The One Minute Cure. I’ve only been doing a few things in this book, but in theory I may have oxygenated my body somewhat more than usual.
2. Serpentstone Festival – April 30-May 1.  It’s always good to see so many close friends who live from 50-100 miles away, and the conversations are always wonderful.
3. My visit with Meade at the Festival – she worked on my feet (massage and energy work) for at least 10 minutes, and gave me some ideas of how to help heal them.
4. Cessation of caffeine intake, replaced by more water and red raspberry leaf tea – my source for this is Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type Diet.  I used to drink a pot of coffee a day, and at least 3 quarts of Diet Pepsi whenever I visit a fast food place.  I have fallen off the wagon a few times, but more often resisted the temptation.  This diet also calls for me eating more eggs and less meat, among other minor dietary changes.  I would point out that not drinking diet soda also eliminates my access to aspartame, which is known to be an excitotoxin.

I have also been able to discuss other changes in how I think of my life.

What cannot be identified with the improvement, but which easily will be a long-term benefit, is my work with Eternal Press and Damnation Books, where my role is soon to expand to become Senior Editor of both companies, according to an email last week from the CEO.

On another note, my best friend, Frankie Overstreet (aka Granny Acorn) has been diagnosed with gall stones and an inflamed pancreatic duct, plus they found unremoved staples in her feet (from surgeries almost 3 years ago) which have been hindering her healing.  I would like you all to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.