I just got an email from my last wife.  This is a woman I married in 1997 and left in 1998 (not even for another woman, although we both thought I was).  We got divorced in 2002, and she paid for it.  She remarried soon after, and she was engaged to the guy before I was even gone a week, she was that glad to see me go.

Really, I’ve left out a lot of good stuff.  But this missive will lose some effectiveness if I include it here.

We still keep in touch somewhat.  Every now and then I get a call, usually when she’s feeling suicidal.  I wrote her to tell her how I’m doing at Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC. 

Her email to me sounded really good.  And the last paragraph was:

“You take care and be well and I do think of you often and am so proud of you!  SO PROUD!  you are so wonderful…”

There ya go.


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