For some reason I crashed at 19.30… woke up about 22.50, and all of a sudden was getting phone calls and text messages right and left.  I got up and posted a bunch of Happy Birthday videos to my Facebook page, then started posting other good videos and got in the mood for Gentle Giant.  I get so green with jealousy that anyone can play ONE instrument that well (I can’t), and those guys could play so many… I don’t know if we will ever have music that good again, so I’m listening to what I got.

I’m planning on taking my housemates out to dinner tonight. Nothing fancy, just Mr. Gattis… if I had a boatload of money I’d do more, but right now it’s just a large thimbleful. Got all my necessary Yule presents bought, got my cards, need to write my letter… wish I had more money, lots of people I’d love to do things for.

There’s a rumor that someone is going to visit me late this weekend.  I have no idea if it will happen.

OK, I’m 58 now.  I never dreamed I’d get this old, and I don’t feel old most of the time, so I’m probably going to keep getting older.