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Nice to see the good guys win every now and then…

Dear Moss,

We are blown away by the incredible impact members have made around the world by starting, joining, and winning dozens of meaningful campaigns over the past few weeks. So we wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you. And congratulations. And let’s keep fighting.

Here are a few of the top victories and successes we’ve had together:

  • Late last week, the largest florist in the world, 1-800-Flowers, responded to 54,000 members and agreed to begin selling Fair Trade flowers and insist on a strong code of conduct for all their suppliers to counteract the deplorable working conditions that thousands of female flower workers face in South America. They’ve promised to offer Fair Trade flowers in time for Mother’s Day, making 1-800-Flowers a leader in the industry. (Click here to write a thank you message on 1-800-Flowers’ Facebook wall.)
  • After a devastating clothing factory fire in Bangladesh took the lives of 27 workers, you asked seven clothing companies, including Abercrombie, the Gap, and Target to compensate the victims’ families and revamp safety standards in their affiliated factories. After 65,000 of us spoke up, a spokesperson from Target said this to us: “I want to understand what we have to do to get our brand off the petition … Tell me what we need to do, and we will try to do it.” All seven companies met your demands.
  • An Ohio mom named Kelley Williams-Bolar was sentenced to jail last month for sending her kids to a safer school in a neighboring district. Another mom in Massachusetts started a petition on her behalf – and the campaign gained wide notice in Time, USA Today, and on Good Morning America. We teamed up with grassroots groups Color of Change and MomsRising to deliver more than 165,000 signatures in person to the office of Ohio Governor John Kasich. Less than 24 hours later, Governor Kasich took an important step toward pardoning Kelley.
  • Kim Feil, a member from Arlington, Texas, has been successfully beating back the massive Chesapeake Energy Corporation from dangerously drilling for natural gas in her neighborhood, with the support of more than 8,000 members across the country. The Arlington city council has now twice delayed its decision — one member told the local Fox affiliate that the council has been overwhelmed by messages sent by members.

The list doesn’t stop there. You’ve made a jaw-dropping number of victories possible, from pushing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant clemency to Sara Kruzan, to successfully calling on the South African Minister of Justice to meet with activists combating “corrective” rape, to getting Nashville’s housing authority to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

You can read more about these victories and many others here:

Each victory was only possible because an activist like you decided to start a petition to make change in their community, city, or country. If there’s something you want to change, you can start your own petition here:

We’re so proud to be working with you. Thanks for everything you do. 

– Patrick and the team

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More Dwarfishness

Ya know, my brain really was shot during the period 1998-2003. I was teaching people, and I don’t remember hardly a thing of it. I have lots of friends on my Friends Lists at MySpace, Facebook, etc., that I don’t remember HOW I met them, and it goes back to this period.

Well, Dwarf Dragonwulf, bless her heart, has been filling in my memory banks, and I’ve also been using the Wayback Machine to fill in some gaps. Apparently I was teaching a lot of people back then. I have no doubt my teaching was good, or I wouldn’t still have so many friends from this period (including Evy). But I wish I had my memory.

Let that be a lesson to you. If a doctor wants to give you an antidepressant, antipsychotic, or other psychiatric drug, TELL HIM/HER NO! If you absolutely need it, tell him/her NO MORE THAN SIX WEEKS. If you need more time than that to sort your stuff out, you need to be talking to someone who can actually help you, not a psychiatrist.

I have at least 15 people on my friends lists that I don’t remember how I met them. Now, with Evy’s help, I remember, and am starting to link some dead memories.


Dwarf Day

My old friend Evy, aka smokindwarf, a member of my former online coven ShadowMoonCoven, found my Facebook page today and added me as a friend. Evy is a smallish person living in Australia somewhere, not in a city I know… we’re having a great conversation there. Made me think of the few people in ShadowMoon who still talk to me… Willow, Red, Flamez, and a couple of others. Amazing how some friendships can survive anything.


Bitching about webcomix

I mean, don’t you hate it when you find a really cool webcomic, and read it from the beginning… seeing all those links to supposedly cool extras…and every bloody one of them leads to a 404 Not Found errer?

More misleading commercials

OK, this one was Dish Network. The guy was asking m(paraphased),

Why should I have to pay for children’s channels when I don’t have children? Or shopping channels, when I don’t buy on TV?  At Dish Network, we answer those questions. Now, nobody can let you choose individual channels, but at Dish Network we offer more choices.

Waitaminnit.  You’re complaining about paying for channels you don’t use, but your solution is to offer you MORE channels you don’t use?

Ah well. Bait and switch, beating you with the same switch.


Dream Time

I haven’t posted a dream for a long time, and this was a good one.

I apparently set my wife up in a cheap apartment and then went travelling. Some number of months later, I remembered (OOPS) and made my way back to the town. My key still worked in the lock, and SURPRISE, no sign of my wife. I assumed she had paid ahead and left me (more than I deserved, leaving her there as long as I had, however long that was).  I had some interesting interactions with locals (also travelers).  I went to the office to see what I owed.  Turned out she had left 3 months ago, and I owed for that. Did I say it’s a cheap apartment? The lady said $300 a month, and then did some math and told me I owed her $780.  Could have been lots worse.  I started looking for the calling card my parents gave me, to call and ask for money.  Couldn’t find it.  Rummaged through the stuff that was left, hoping she left some money (hoping, not expecting). Don’t know why, but I got on a local bus to go somewhere, maybe find a payphone because the phone in the apartment was hooked in through the hotel lines and I couldn’t get an outside line without paying.

Lots of little nuances.  I was awakened by the telephone.  The “wife” in question, at least according to my memory of the dream, was Melody, who has disappeared out of lots of lives.