Monthly Archive: March 2011

Singing on SecondLife

I’ve been playing lots and lots lately, and, thanks to Butt Loader (seriously, that’s the name of the program), I’ve been recording it all. All my performances are online at SecondLife, mostly at Club Insomnia or The Noob.  I have 28 high-quality recordings of just me and one of my three guitars. I have to thank my little sister, Aianna, for the microphone (a Blue Yeti, OMG!) and the push.

I’m still doing Project Moss. $20 sent via PayPal to will get you every song I’ve been able to (a) find a recording of or make a new recording of and (b) convert to digital. There are still a couple tapes out there I haven’t converted…because I don’t have the equipment. I am not charging for the recordings, just the cost of discs, envelopes, and shipping, or the work it takes to send stuff out in email; no licenses have been procured, I’m just doing this for fun and posterity.

My St. Patrick’s Day show at Club Insomnia included the following songs:

  1. The Hills of West Virginia – Phil Ochs
  2. Ghost – Amy Ray and Emily Saliers
  3. Superman Sex Life Boogie – Tom Smith
  4. There Is A Dog In Rockford – Lonnie Knight
  5. All the Little Children – Tommy Sands
  6. House of Orange – Stan Rogers
  7. The Rawdon Hills – Stan Rogers
  8. There Were Roses – Tommy Sands
  9. Lullaby for a Weary World – T.J. Burnside-Clapp
  10. Swamp Gas – Leslie Fish
  11. You Can Close Your Eyes – James Taylor

It wasn’t the best voice I’ve had, but it’s me.


I’m not ignoring you. I just don’t know that anyone is reading this anymore, and if I’m the only one doing so, then I can do better at I’ve been keeping a daily diary there, where I don’t have to worry about who gets upset about what I post (or bored), because it’s totally private to me.