I haven’t been able to get into Xanga lately, so you’ve fallen behind on my news.

Being pushed by a dear long-time friend, I drove to NC to re-meet someone I already knew, Nanette Runion, this time for the possibility of a relationship. My friend kept pushing, even coaching us as which steps to take when. We were cracking up about this, and then started sharing what Evy was telling each of us.  By this time we were cracking up, and decided, what the hell, we might as well try it.  This was April 3. It was good, so we decided we’d try it again in two weeks, and scheduled a 3-day weekend.

Well, we didn’t make it a week. I wound up driving back there on April 9 for two nights. By this time we were madly in love. When I went back on the 15th for the planned 3-night weekend, I brought an engagement ring (which she helped me pick out) and she accepted it.  We then had the best THREE night weekend of our lives, following up on the one- and two-night weekends.

When I was about to leave on the 15th, I mentioned to Nan that we had gone for one-day, two-day and three-day weekends. Nan’s response was, “See? I told you we could go slow!”  This is my kind of woman.

I used to have a list of what I was looking for in a woman. If I remember it correctly, Nan is everything on the list and then some, things that I would not have dared to hope for. She is coming down for SerpentStone Beltane to meet the rest of my spiritual Family; she has already met two of them, and a third via Skype, and friended a few others on Facebook, so we’re sure she’ll fit right in.

We have decided to start looking for a house together in June, with a “drop-dead” moving date of August 1.

Nan lives with an old friend, Russ, who views her as his sister and wouldn’t touch her as a potential lover.  Russ is a good guy too, and we’re moving him along with her.  They currently have a 4-bedroom double-wide set up as a house, with a lease-purchase on which they have not yet exercised the option.  Neither of them are tied to NC and they are willing to move. What they are paying for rent is, I think, too high, and we should be able to meet it or do better for a larger house here in Tennessee. Add to that the fact that they are affording their rent and bills on two Disability checks, and together we would have three… I think we can make it.

I talked to my mom on the phone Saturday. My dad has been in the hospital and has now been moved to a nursing rehab facility. She asked for prayers, which I gladly said I would do. I asked her for prayers for Nan and me… and she said, “I hope you break up soon.”  She thought it was a good joke, and elucidated that she hadn’t said that about my other past relationships and that maybe it would backfire so that our relationship might work. I thought it was tacky and hurtful, especially as a response to a request for prayers.  I know what she would have said if, when she asked for prayers for Dad, I would have said, “I hope he dies. Maybe that will jinx him and he’ll stay alive.” I doubt she would still be talking to me.

Anyhow, time to mellow out. It’s already way hard to be without my Nan.