Monthly Archive: June 2011

The best laid mice and men get other plans

…or something like that.

My last bit of moving is postponed. My car died. It is not beyond repair, although what is wrong and what it will cost is still up in the air.

My surgery is early early tomorrow morning. Nan has no way home if she stays, but Raven was here over the weekend and has just left, taking her home (he lives about 5 miles from her).  I have one friend delivering me there and another couple picking me up. The car will likely not get repaired this week. Saturday, Meade says she can take me to Nan’s. I haven’t asked her yet, but she can probably take some or all of the stuff I have packed, I just can’t lift anything. But I’ll have to come back here to fix the car. And still have my furniture to get, but Raven can probably work that out.

I still don’t know what I’m doing, still panicking a bit, need lots of love and prayers. One dear friend online has offered to chant the Gayatri for me. Bless her. I don’t believe anyone has ever chanted the Gayatri for me.

Scared. Confused. Lonely. Frustrated. Not a good week. But a lot of good things happened, including two more concerts (Thursday and tonight plus a Bardic Circle at Serpentstone Litha) and my honey loves me. Still.


Moving and cutting

I’m almost done moving my stuff to Nan’s in East Flat Rock, NC. This is temporary, but I don’t know how long it will be. I’m keeping my permanent address at Meade’s in Sevierville. I haven’t yet arranged for a way to move my furniture.

I’m having surgery on my man parts (hernia-ish) on the 29th, and Nan will drive me back to EFR from the hospital. So if I don’t have my furniture by then, I won’t be getting it for a couple months at least.

There is a lot of trepidation surrounding this move, whether I will get my furniture, and how soon I’ll be able to get back to Tennessee with my fiancee and friend in tow. Need lots of thought and prayer.