Monthly Archive: August 2011

More M-adness

This ad has grown with time: Ageless Male

The original ad said that it increased testosterone levels (I am assuming in men) by 61%. Not by up to 61%, just 61%. I wondered what that would do to men with “male pattern baldness” but ah well.

Last month they added to the ad copy “Beware of cheap imitations!” Hey, the whole product is an imitation, or at least an unproven fraud. I think they were trying to legitimize the product by making it sound like it was so successful it was being copied.

And about 2 minutes ago, I heard a new one — which says that it increases testosterone levels by 50%.

What, it’s now a cheap imitation of itself? They had to reduce the potency to keep from raising the price?

This one has me laughing. They sure have their target audience selected — these ads are running on ESPNRadio.

New Place

I found a place to move to. I looked at a trailer which was a little out of my price range. It was in pretty bad shape (um, really bad), and combined with it being too much money it would not have helped my depression any. But the location was great, the people were nice… so I wrote the lady back and told her I might take it if it were cheaper. She cut not only the price but the deposit. So I said I’ll take it. It will take a LOT of work, but if nothing else it will give me some time to get applications in for supported housing. I may get to like it… don’t know… It’s in Blaine, TN, which is just barely outside Knox County (Knoxville). This will make it about 19 miles to my monthly Knit & Crochet Meetup (Panera Bread) and 25 miles to the monthly Pagan Meet-N-Greet (at Mr. Gatti’s Pizza), much closer than I am now.

Wish me luck.

I need more money from my mother to get through this week — the rent and deposit, car repair, and getting my stuff from Nan’s in East Flat Rock NC. I can absorb some of that but not much. Mom has already agreed to do so in principle, but I didn’t give her the amount I need yet.


More Advertising Madness

Heard during a Braves baseball game on radio: “You may never play in the major leagues, but you can look like a pro in your own backyard…” when you use Cabot stains to stain your deck. OK, so when was the last time you saw a professional baseball player with a brush in his hand?


I got an email about an hour ago saying that I was now a “featured artist” at The Rhythmic Lounge . I’ve uploaded 7 or 8 songs, including a Utah Phillips song, one by John Austin Martin, Phil Ochs, Kathy Mar, and three of my own (including two with original tunes). Feel free to check them out and let me know what you think. The more fans I have, the more I can get.



I decided I should update my Emergency Instructions, now that Frankie has passed. I opened up the document labeled “Emergency Instructions.doc” … and found Frankie’s 2007 document, where we couldn’t find anything more current than 2004 before. It seems about the same, except for having me and one other person we don’t know on it as contacts. I forwarded that to Connie after calling to tell her about it.

I then checked my Facebook, and something my Cousin Virginia and I were talking about leaked over to other people, including my cousins Karen and Theresa. Karen even went so far as to say she loves me too. Haven’t heard a peep from her until less than a year ago, and then only from Facebook. My eyes are still tearing up thinking about it.

I have been given 60 days to find new lodgings. My car is still not out of the shop, they said they’d get it today. Of course, they said they’d get it done yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, but at least they finally gave me a dollar figure so I know they’re almost done.

Guess that’s it for now.


I’m OK

Wednesday in the early-early, Frankie’s cousin Connie came and picked me up. We had a long day and a lot of driving, but we got to the funeral just in time (it got moved up to 10:30 and I didn’t get the message), then spent the rest of the day with family. Connie lives in South Alabama, so she doesn’t get up to where her family lives very often. Connie was wonderful, I did get to meet with Mari at the gravesite later (Connie went back to put flowers on the graves). I got home around 1 am. I probably ate more Wednesday than I had been in any 3 days
since my surgery.

I did get Frankie’s cellphone back from her granddaughter. Technically it’s my property… Turns out that Gloria’s granddaughter needed a cellphone and was willing to pay me $50 per month for it. Frankie had been paying me $30 but we didn’t have Internet on it, which costs another $10, so it’s still a $10 net improvement in helping me pay the bill.

I have been eating a lot less the past month or so, and have dropped 15 pounds to show for it. My low so far has been 230, I need to get down to at least 225 and 220 would be better. About 7-1/2 years ago I hit my high at 305, good to be down this low. When I was living on the river in Asheville, walking 11 miles each way to and from town, I got down to 215, but that was a combination of exercise and starvation. Right now I can’t exercise until I’m done healing from the surgery.

Anyhow, I am home. Things aren’t as bad as they were, and not quite as good as they were before I met Nan, but I’ll be all right. My car is STILL in the shop, and now I can’t get any straight answers from anyone as to what is going on with it. Just getting my car back would improve my life more than 100%.

Meade took me on my errands today, bless her. I got the cellphone mailed, got my month’s supply of pipe tobacco, and went to Voldemart for groceries, then filled up Meade’s gas tank. I’m behind on my rent, with the idea that the money can go to get my car out of the shop… not really doing that well at putting money aside, so I started paying it to my credit card and not using the credit card. It has a $500 limit, and I’m somewhere around $100 right now.

I just talked to Astarte and thanked her again for the food. Sisterhood Is Powerful, Inc. has been providing one meal a day to me, box dinners stored in the refrigerator. Between those and the little bit else I’ve been eating, that’s how I’ve lost weight. They could likely make money turning it into a weight loss program LOL. I will start sending some money to SIP next month. Of course I don’t have to… but it makes them feel more appreciated and makes me feel less like a homeless person.

Life is being very lifelike. Hope yours is going well. No news on my father, but he’s sleeping a lot… which is better than the coma he was in earlier, likely caused by the leukemia meds they’ve been giving him.


Frankie’s Gone

My best friend, Frankie Jewell Overstreet, died this (Sunday) morning at 11:15. I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss her. I must have read over 40 books to her, mostly over the phone, over the past 6 years, and I could always count on her to tell me what was on her mind and know that, even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, that she didn’t say it to hurt me, which quite often put me back on the “right” path. She was a very complex woman, I probably couldn’t even tell you one tenth of the complexity. Just know that I’ve dropped quite a few tears today and over the past few days from when it looked like she was leaving. In the end, she was killed by doctors who did tissue grafts to her feet 5 years ago. They left 3 staples in, and those staples didn’t get found for almost 4 years and were the center of the infection that eventually did her in. She almost lost both feet at that time 5 years ago, and fought tooth and claw to keep them. She may not have died with her boots on, but she still had feet to put them on if she had them with her.