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Happy Navaratri!

We recently entered the period of the Hindu calender known as “Navratri”, or “Nine Nights” in celebration of the Divine Mother. Hindus all over the world spend this time focusing on the goddess and her many forms, and most temples have pujas (worship ceremonies) for the Divine Shakti. You can read more about Navratri on this site:

Navratri is the best time to strengthen your devotions to Divine Mother. It is a good time for puja (ritual worship), mantras (sacred words of power) and bhajans (devotional songs) in her honor.

For more information, see the Wiki about and this article (from which the first two paragraphs were lifted):



Since June 28, my relationship died, my car died (over 2 months to resurrect it), I had surgery and had to recuperate by myself, my best friend died, my computer died* (still on life support), my father died, and I had to move. I think that’s enough for now. Time to recover.

I’m blessed with the fact that my new landlady told me that September would be my last bad month. I do hope she’s right. I also have a wonderful spiritual Family (and a Gathering of them this weekend), lots of great friends, and my blood family is beginning to reconnect.

Prayers for everyone impacted by all the above incidents are appreciated.**


* had a RAM chip stolen**, bought a new motherboard/processor/CPU/fan/RAM kit, new CPU cooler fan did not work, CPU Core 2 is overheating, someone stole my hard drive right out of the box (Sept 3-7)**, new hard drive is installed but computer is not finding networking so, even though the computer is plugged into the cable modem, it sees the connection but does not pass it to the browser, and my new sound card doesn’t fit all the way into the slot intended for it.

** including the thief, who certainly needs more prayers.

News wire

A week ago Thursday I flew to Los Angeles for my father’s funeral (Friday), then back to Knoxville (got a ride home to Sevierville) on Saturday. Then on Tuesday, I rented a Uhaul truck, drove it to East Flat Rock NC to pick up my stuff, back to Sevierville… Wednesday I had three strong men help me load the rest of my stuff onto the truck, picked up my car from the shop (way too much money, but have to have the car), and drove off to my new home in Blaine, TN, just outside of Knoxville on US Hwy 11W (Rutledge Pike). Paid the rent and deposit. Moved in. What a mess.

On Thursday I got the deposits paid for electric and water. The water was turned on on Thursday, the power on Friday. On Friday I went to Comcast for cable Internet.

On Saturday, I collected all my computer stuff and set it up, hoping to just go straight online when they turned my service on. Big shock. Someone had stolen my system hard drive right out of my box.  Had to rush out and spend new money on a new hard drive.  Installed XP Pro 32-bit (all I had except Ubuntu Karmic Koala). It didn’t find the drivers, including the network driver. I can’t find my motherboard box, which last I knew included the driver disk.

So on Sunday, I got Internet, but can’t get online from my desktop. Amazingly, my notebook, running Linux, works fine (typing this on it). So I tried installing 64-bit Karmic Koala on the desktop. Nope, can’t find the network drivers for it there either.

I think I have to run the drivers to activate the systems. I have downloaded them, need to unzip them to a directory and install them from there… if it works, I’ll be fine.

Except I still have a CPU cooling problem, but I’ve already ordered a new cooler and it should be here the next day or two.

This is stress, but it’s good stress. I’m taking care of myself (with financial help from my mother). I’m away from people who were stealing from me. Ya know, I have had several dozen homeless people stay with me, and never lost more than a candle or two. But staying with friends… I don’t know who took the stuff (over the last few months, this included a 1 Gb RAM chip, a 160 Gb external hard drive, and, now, a 250 Gb internal hard drive with Windows 7 already installed) but I’m away from that now. The odd thing is, I’m not even mad at anyone. For one, I don’t know who specifically to be mad at, and for another, I’m trying to become someone who does not respond with anger. I’m really thankful to Meade for letting me move in and stay so long… just wish I knew who took my stuff and at least got an apology.

The new neighbors seem really nice. It’s great to be on my own. Now if I could keep anyone from moving in with me I’ll get the time I need to work on my issues.

Had a great time today at an Open Circle in Morristown. Got to see a lot of people I know and love, and a few I kinda know and love by extension, plus a few more I didn’t know before but love anyway.